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A New Look

Hey everyone. Welcome to the new As you can probably tell, lots of things have changed.

When I first made, Smolhajs (the 55cm one) were only available in Japan, so I didn't bother adding tracking for them. Now, they're available in pretty much every country, so I've made it so you can track the stock of those too. (You can switch sizes with the buttons at the top of the map)

You're also now able to view historical stock data for stores. Select a store on the map, and you'll see up to 90 days of stock data.

Open Source is now open source! You can find the GitHub repository in if you'd like to view the source code or contribute.


As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions, or just would like to say hi, feel free to reach out to me. Details can also be found in (there's also a Discord now).